Three Month Follow-up with Worx Landroid L.

If anybody is interested, Worx is having a sale till November 15th of 20% off orders over $100, including Landroid. Use code WORXFALL20 Worx is giving away …


34 thoughts on “Three Month Follow-up with Worx Landroid L.”

  1. So in the case of the tennis ball, if a toddler was laying on the ground, or was curious and put their arm down, it probably wouldn't recognize it being a child without the sensor?

  2. Mine will get stuck if it goes down a little slope & hits the wire, then it tries to backward turn but it actually slide forward down over the wire, then it's into the road.

  3. I live in PSL FL, it rains quite a bit here, a lot of homes have swales (a drainage half pipe about a foot wide) in their front yards, kinda like a regular drainage ditch but sort of lined with a half pipe. Any idea how this mower would handle that? Additionally at times there is standing water in a low spot, do you know if it will turn away or proceed and drown itself?

  4. We have a 20-foot diameter base tree base that we looped the boundary wire around and back. With the pair of wires a few feet from actual boundary it has no problems mowing grass around the tree.

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