WORX LANDROID REVIEW: A robot lawnmower really does work!

Sceptical – that’s what we were about how good a Robot Lawnmower could be – and after two months, the verdict is in on the WORX Tools Landroid – Here’s Trev’s review.

Unboxing and Setup:


9 thoughts on “WORX LANDROID REVIEW: A robot lawnmower really does work!”

  1. I call mine "the electric goat". If you have 1m space to have a path from the front to the back, you can lay your wires out to give it a path to do both lawns. Mine does.

  2. Just curious about your rain comment. I got a lot of rain where I am at and you mentioned about a sensor on it, which is great to know. I am curious though, does it know if part of your grass is flooded after a few days due to drainage issues to avoid that part of the grass until it drains or would it just going into the puddle? Also, is it waterproof, since you mentioned about it being able to put in the rain? Finally, how does it handle fenced in yards? I was hoping this could do both my front and backyard, with the cavoite that I will have to open the fence door to do this.

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