GARDENA Wall-mounted Hose Boxes

Easy to roll-out, effortless to roll-up !
✅Effortless rection for zero tangles.
✅Quality guaranteed and no maintenance necessary.
✅Flexible solution for any garden size.

The hose is always within reach and various connecting devices are always right there when you need them. Because: Nozzles, sprayers and wash brushes can be conveniently hung and stored on the wall bracket. The garden hose automatically locks into place at the desired length thanks to the built-in short locking points. A quick tug of the hose after use, and it is automatically, evenly and securely rolled up.

The hose box can be swivelled 180° which allows you to water every corner of your garden flexibly and without kinking the hose. Available in two attractive colours, turquoise and white 😊. GARDENA offers the wall-mounted hose boxes in sizes S , M, M/L , L, and XL.

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