Husqvarna 300 Series Automower Control Panel Disassembly & Reassembly (Keypad, Stop Button, etc.)

In this video we remove the control panel area from a 300 series Husqvarna Automower and show how to remove and reassemble the different sub components of this assembly. This control panel assembly includes the HMI board, keypad, stop button, stop microswitch, and the keypad hatch hinge and lid. The most common reasons for removing this assembly are for HMI board replacement, keypad replacement, and stop button issues. Although it is the same process and basically the same looking components used between all of the 300 series Automowers (310, 315, 315X), the cover assembly and HMI board for the 310 is different from the ones used in the 315 & 315X because it has a smaller menu screen.

310 Cover W/ Keypad:

315 & 315X Cover W/Keypad:

400 Series Cover W/ Keypad:

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