Husqvarna No Loop Error (Vid. 1): Where To Start, Testing Transformer & Low Voltage Cable

The NO LOOP SIGNAL error is probably the error that Husqvarna Automower owners and dealers dread the most. The reason why this is a frustrating error for many Automower owners and dealers is because this error can be caused by many different components and scenarios. This is the first video in our series of videos where we show you how to diagnose and test the components that can cause a no loop signal error on your Husqvarna Automower. In this video we look at the transformer and low voltage cable and show you how to test them and the signs to look for that could mean that they are the cause of your no loop error. Here are direct links to order the replacement parts featured in this video.

Low voltage cable (115H, 300 series, 430X, 430XH, 520, 520H):

Low voltage cable (435X, 450X, 450XH, 535AWD, 550, 550H):

115H/300 series transformer:

430X, 430XH, 520, 520H transformer:

435X, 450X, 450XH, 535AWD, 550, 550H transformer:

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2 thoughts on “Husqvarna No Loop Error (Vid. 1): Where To Start, Testing Transformer & Low Voltage Cable”

  1. I have the ‘horrible blue flashing light’ on my 310.
    Adapter voltage 28,1V loop voltage 25,9V. My loops are absolutly fine. Around 4 Ohms each. When I connect the loopconnectors directly with a short cable: still blue flashing.
    Do you think I have to order a new electronic board? Or can a local dealer read-out the print with the service port?
    Thank you! 🙂

  2. Great Video looking forward to part2 as I have the flashing blue LED and no loop error on the mower. I have tested the adapter and cables with a multimeter and they are good, I have tested the loop wire with a wire tester and its good too so my final guess is the board in the base may be damaged. I am leaning this way as when I stripped it down i found ants had made a home inside and i think they may have damaged the board even though it looks sealed from moisture. Its a McCulloch Rob 1000.

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