Paralysed man to walk 112 miles | man with exoskeleton doing four miles a day for NHS

“I never thought in a million years, I’d be able to take steps and walk again”

A man paralysed from the waist down will walk 112 miles throughout February to raise money for the NHS – and all with the help of an exoskeleton!

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17 thoughts on “Paralysed man to walk 112 miles | man with exoskeleton doing four miles a day for NHS”

  1. Can that be classed as essential travel then or is he trialing a new technology… would be a great of getting the public to pay for it… anyone have a clue how the money major tom raused was put to use??

  2. triplecheeseburger

    What do people think the government is going to do if individuals keep raising money for a already fully funded organisation??

  3. I read this as "Parish man walks 112 miles" and was like "wow so fu**ing what" then I reread it.

    Sorry mate! Best of luck!

  4. Vaccine Heartbreak.

    Lets just hope the money he makes isn't stolen like the millions of pounds that NHS fraud investigations say goes missing every week.

  5. Awesome. But why for the nhs? They aren't treating anyone who doesntnhave covid. Should have learned from captain Tom's donations…. Theyre paid by our taxes not charity

  6. Japan developed these 10 years ago, amazing to see they are making it to the market at last.
    I want to see more of those Japanese models though being made available in Europe, specially those designed for helping lifting and elderly people doing harder lifts.

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