#Live Edd China's Workshop Diaries Anniversary EP46

Happy Easter and welcome to Paul’s workshop for a change! A little celebration of the show’s first anniversary and a chat about the Surrey Street Rodders’ Wheels Day show. Perhaps most importantly we also announce our mission to help the Yorkshire Aid Convoy with our muscle and legendary driving skills to help drive truck loads of humanitarian aid to Ukraine at the end of the month.

To donate some money to the cause and help pay for the fuel, medical & sanitation supplies and food, please donate through the links below:-

For more information about the work of the Yorkshire Aid Convoy please go here:-

For Vladyslav’s Zaptcha website connecting EU garages with Ukrainian refugees to help fix their cars, go here:-

Edd China’s Workshop Diaries Episode 46 – A little more talking cars and some emergency humanitarian action!.

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So, grab a mug of stewed tea and a slice of birthday cake and join in for this week’s episode!

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39 thoughts on “#Live Edd China's Workshop Diaries Anniversary EP46”

  1. Ed Paul what is your opinion of the EV conversion kit by Tesla? I am considering my 2010 Challenger for the project it is rust free with only 30,000 kLM? The main challenge it the battery pack storage. I thought a undercar platform like the Tesla.? Thanks Rodney Ontario Canada

  2. Can't say how pleased I am to see your channel go from strength to strength. Beautifully made and great fun. You all really deserve the success. I will be there for every episode.

  3. Great to meet you at my local Wheels Day Show – what a scorcher of a day …Glad you liked my Single Cab, been work in progress for a while and first outing (!). Still more work needed but being an amateur DIYer – everything takes at least twice as long to sort !!
    PS ‘Marks’ Pine Ridge meet – a great get together, might see you there !

  4. Great to see you both back, Wheeler Dealers was never the same after you left, my wife hated the show because she couldn't stand Mike and I just skipped the bits he was in as it wasn't worth watching.

  5. Hi Guys, I love your lovely AngleBox Estate, I had one (a Super 1200, Lovely) in that light blue/white roof, I had to change the camshaft. Then I managed to get a Mk1 Cortina in the same colour (Light Blue) & same engine. It's a shame that I haven't still got both of them. That must have been somewhere around 1981, as I got the Anglia because I crashed my Fizzie & had no transport. My first car was an A40 Farina, then I had a Vauxhall Victor FB, then I think it was my first Mini an 850 Automatic or maybe Morris 1100 (really good car, way before their time). Keep up the good work, Bye. Ian.

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