Robotic Lawn Mower and Brick Garden Edging

Once the weather warms up, in spring, I can set up the robotic lawn mower “Landroid WORX” for the summer. It maintains our lawn at a pre-set height, it runs automatically on a schedule I set, pretty much all day, into the evening. This way the clippings are fine enough to sift back to the ground. I install the battery, change the blades, set up the charging station and check the low-voltage wire around the perimeter of the lawn. I had to move the wire in one section because of the brick garden edging I installed next to the newly planted yew hedge.

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8 thoughts on “Robotic Lawn Mower and Brick Garden Edging”

  1. What zone are you Eva? I would love that lawn mower. Robots — the way of the future. Love the feather pen! You must feel very accomplished getting all that work done. It looks great! Nothing like a clean crisp edge. Thanks for sharing.

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