In this video, I’m using the Stihl FSA 90 R battery-powered trimmer and the Stihl RMA 510 walk-behind battery-powered lawn mower on my backyard that I allowed to grow for 3 months straight. These products were sent to me by Stihl to demo and test their performance based on different factors necessary for everyday use.

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8 thoughts on “MOWING EXTREMELY OVERGROWN LAWN with BATTERY-POWERED equipment (Real-Time Audio)”

  1. It's nice to see you back. I follow other lawn care services channels too, and everyone has a different way of doing things. There's also something quite soothing as listening to lawn mowers just hum along.

    For a battery powered mower, it does a really nice job of cutting grass, especially grass as tall as that. It will be interesting to learn what the runtime is on that battery on a normal height lawn.

    And the battery powered trimmer looks nice too. If I didn't have a Stihl FS-90 (bought it around 2000 or so), I'd look into getting one of those.

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