Yep, it’s finally time for the first mow of the 2021 lawn care season!

Did you get your photo taken for the first mow of the 2021 lawn care season? You should have because it’s always a memory to cherish…haha. I had some fun with this one just enjoying a cold but sunny day outside for the first mow of the season. Things are looking great coming out of winter this season and don’t forget that the mullet contest between myself and @Connor Ward is about to go down very soon!

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24 thoughts on “FIRST MOW 2021”

  1. The Milwaukee blower is not so good but very expensive. In my experience, the Ego blower is pretty good. But I want to know what that orange mower is, it cuts so nice and low.

  2. FYI Ryan, I'm pretty sure I was playing golf in Iowa when you made this video lol, we came up for spring turkey season, got done hunting and all tagged out, played golf around the snow! Great video loved the "back to school" intro!

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