See the Automower® Solar Charger in Action | Husqvarna

Take Automower® “off the grid” for 24/7 lawn maintenance anywhere it’s needed. Husqvarna’s Automower® Solar Charger offers you the ability to install Automower® without any need for hardline power. Learn more:

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2 thoughts on “See the Automower® Solar Charger in Action | Husqvarna”

  1. $2600 for a 320w solar power panel worth $150, a 100amph LIfepo4 battery worth $200 and an aluminum box with $200 charge controler inside? you got to be freaking kidding me right!?!?!

  2. Husqvarna sent me the wrong product. Strung me along for a year. Told me to send back the product for a refund. And now refuses to refund me claiming it's too late. Criminal practices. Don't buy from Husqvarna.

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