The GARDENA 3in1 Patio Cleaner – remove weeds and moss with just one tool

Do you find removal of weeds and mosses in your garden extremely tedious and exhausting? You are not alone. GARDENA presents the combisytem 3in1 Patio Cleaner, the innovative, easy and versatile way to remove weeds.

Three functions are combined into one tool: A thin yet robust stainless steel blade allows precise and thorough use especially in narrow cracks, for example between tightly fitting paving stones on the patio.

But weeds and mosses can of course also be found in wider joints, this is where the triangularly bent stainless steel bow comes into play. The third function of the combisystem 3in1 Patio Cleaner is the metal brush. This is specially designed for removing moss, as well as sweeping up the pulled-up moss debris.

This method of purely mechanical weed removal is not only well-designed, but also environmentally friendly. The combisystem 3in1 Patio Cleaner can be combined with any of the separately available combisystem handles from GARDENA.

With this helpful combination tool, the stainless steel bow and the thin stainless steel blade can be easily replaced if they are worn-out after many years of use. GARDENA’s 25-year warranty supports this commitment to high quality and longevity.

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