Tennessee Comedian Savagely Attacked On Radio

Reno Collier is a great guy, and a funny comedian, so it was so sad (and extremely funny) to see what happened to him when he called in this week. Pat Godwin pays tribute to a man with a butt of gold. Alli Breen calls in with some love troubles, and we do our best to help them.

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9 thoughts on “Tennessee Comedian Savagely Attacked On Radio”

  1. Less than 5 minutes into the video and Godwin sang two songs. The man is funny, please let him tell jokes and chime in like the rest of the cast does and stop having him only ever sing like he's a puppet.

  2. Reno asking "Do you douche?" was a spit take for me. Totally made my night. Reminded me of a moment where I was dared to ask my mother at a parents weekend at a Catholic seminary college to ask my mother if she douched.😂 My mom rest her soul was the bearer of 6 boys and was such a trooper to be unfazed by such a question and replied oh boys

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