Turf Gamechanger revolutionizes golf course management

Managing golf courses using traditional methods requires a lot of work, a variety of machines and all the accessories required for each different task. Although machines have evolved, there has been no innovation in the golf course maintenance work chain for decades, unlike in sectors such as agriculture and forestry.

Turf Gamechanger TGC is a Finnish, patented innovation. It is a multifunction machine utilizing IoT technology and combining up to eight different course treatment steps in one machine and one run. TGC also integrates GNSS-related automation into field management, reducing maintenance and staffing costs while enabling a better player experience.

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3 thoughts on “Turf Gamechanger revolutionizes golf course management”

  1. Intresting machine but whats its compaction distribution… seems like a heavy unit to be using on fairways or rough constantly the wear patterns from burning lines after a couple years of use.

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