Worx Landroid Menu Interfaces – (WR142E, WR143E, WR153E, WR155E)

Welcome to the setting up your Worx Landroid robot mower guide. In this video, we’ll go through the Landroid menu interfaces for models M700 (WR142E), M1000 (WR143E), L1500 (WR153E), L2000 (WR155E), and any model 700m² and above pre-2019.

Find out more on the Landroid here –

S300 (WR130E), M500 (WR141E), L1000 (WR147E), any model 500m² or smaller pre-2019:

M500 Plus (WR165E), M700 Plus (WR167E), L800 Plus (WR148E), L1000 Plus (WR147E.1), and any model with a dial:

00:00 Intro
00:05 Display Screen and Button Options
01:05 Powering Up for the First Time
01:22 Changing the Pin Code
01:53 Setting the Date and Time
02:44 Setting the Work Time

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