Three Month Follow-up with Worx Landroid L.

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34 thoughts on “Three Month Follow-up with Worx Landroid L.”

  1. Sounds great, but your grass appears to be sparse and brown. What if someone used it on a fuller, greener lawn?

  2. for the new tree.. couldn't you just have put a little square of wire down? does the boundary have to be 'one' 'continuous' wire?

  3. I used to have one until i had to move but this thing is awesome and i plan to get another one or two. It works great and It is a real time savers. You still have to weedeating.

  4. It seems inefficient. It should cut back and forth, not in a random pattern. Does it cut over the same area multiple times?

  5. So in the case of the tennis ball, if a toddler was laying on the ground, or was curious and put their arm down, it probably wouldn't recognize it being a child without the sensor?

  6. Taking precautions against a lawnmower doesn't make sense. I guess this machine starts to make sense when you have a very large garden.

  7. Mine will get stuck if it goes down a little slope & hits the wire, then it tries to backward turn but it actually slide forward down over the wire, then it's into the road.

  8. Doesn’t cut around the barbecue real good,a bridge and straton and a bit of elbow grease would probably work better.

  9. I live in PSL FL, it rains quite a bit here, a lot of homes have swales (a drainage half pipe about a foot wide) in their front yards, kinda like a regular drainage ditch but sort of lined with a half pipe. Any idea how this mower would handle that? Additionally at times there is standing water in a low spot, do you know if it will turn away or proceed and drown itself?

  10. We have a 20-foot diameter base tree base that we looped the boundary wire around and back. With the pair of wires a few feet from actual boundary it has no problems mowing grass around the tree.

  11. How well does this handle wet grass? Where I live, we tend to have a fair amount of dew in the mornings and I'd like to run it at night vs during the day.

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